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8 Benefits of Replacing Garage Door Equipment

Garage doors often last around three decades, but automatic openers and various other components need replacement more often. There are many benefits to be gained from installing modern equipment:


1.) New parts will help your garage door function reliably and smoothly. After replacing old bent, rusted and worn components, you won’t have to struggle to open or shut it.

2.) A new track boosts the safety of a replacement door. Doors can fall or become stuck when people reuse old tracks. Cables may also snap and badly injure bystanders.


3.) If you replace a door, it will increase your garage’s resale value and make the building more attractive. You could switch to an appealing, up-to-date color or style.

4.) Replacement will eliminate any rotten wood or rusted metal before this decay spreads to other surfaces. Consider switching to a lighter material that requires less maintenance.

5.) If you want to shield your building from hot or cold temperatures, this project provides an excellent opportunity to add insulation. Choose a thick, sturdy unit that comes pre-insulated.


6.) A new opener may enhance safety. Older units are more likely to hurt people or damage belongings. Many older models lack sensors that cause them to reverse direction before striking obstacles.

7.) The latest openers improve security. It’s harder for criminals to gain access without permission, and you can integrate the equipment with a home security system.

8.)Many modern openers allow people to activate them with smartphones and/or vehicle-based controls. If you use these methods instead of separate remotes, you’ll have fewer devices and batteries to carry.

The bottom line is that new equipment enhances security, convenience, safety and dependability. If you’d like to benefit from the latest technology at competitive prices, please contact us today!

Why You Should Always Leave Broken Garage Door Spring Repair to the Pros

Broken garage door springs are a major issue for your door. They keep it from raising and lowering correctly. And worse, they can leave you locked out of your garage entirely. While they seem simple to repair or replace on your own, it’s always best to leave the job to the pros. Here are a few reasons why you should never DIY a broken spring repair.

They’re Wound Tight

Garage door springs are under a lot of pressure and broken ones are no exception. Even when they’re stretched out or broken, parts of them are still under tension. Unless you’re extremely familiar with removing them, you put yourself at risk of injury. Springs can snap or rebound back at you if they’re handled incorrectly. Pros know how to safely remove them and can make sure those broken springs won’t injure you or do damage to the door itself.

Broken Springs Can Be a Symptom of the Problem

Broken garage door springs are often a sign of other issues. And repairing or replacing them won’t keep your garage door working properly. You need to diagnose the cause of the problem to make sure that your new springs continue to work properly. An experienced professional will be able to assess the entire door system to find any potential issues. And once they find them, they’ll be able to fix them so you can use your door without worry.

There’s More Than One Type of Spring

Garage door springs perform the same task—helping lift and support the weight of the door. But there’s more than one type on the market and choosing the wrong type can keep your door from working at all. Pros know what spring your door and your motor need to work properly. This means they’ll choose the right size, tension, and weight spring for your model every time.

If you’re worried about broken garage door springs, don’t try to handle the repairs yourself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let our experienced technicians handle the repair for you.

Garage Door Installation Increases Your Home’s Value

You might be considering having a new garage door installed because the existing one isn’t functioning properly. Or maybe you’re having some remodeling done, and the old door needs to be updated. But did you know that having a new garage door installed will increase the overall value of your home?


A new garage door with up-to-date technology, such as sensors and a security garage door opener helps protect some of your most important investments: your home and your vehicles. With systems like LiftMaster, you can check on the status of your garage door at any time, from anywhere in the world, with an app on your phone. You also have complete remote control of your door. Who doesn’t want more security and control?

Curb Appeal

Depending on the home, the garage door takes up about thirty percent of that front wall of your house — the part people see from the curb. Occupying such a large percentage means it’s a big part of the overall curb appeal. The wow factor is important to prospective home buyers, and a new garage door helps contribute to that.

Energy Efficiency

Opting for an insulated garage door is even better because of its energy efficiency. Especially in a large home, the cumulative cost of losing energy through the garage can add up.


Sometimes it’s easy to take safety for granted. After all, just because your old garage door is rickety and sticks occasionally doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, right? Not necessarily. The garage door opener uses a high-tension spring system which has a lifespan of about seven years. When it’s working correctly, it lifts a single door weighing about one hundred and forty pounds with no problem, but when it isn’t, that’s a lot of weight to be taking chances with. Naturally, having a safe, properly functioning garage door increases your home’s value.   

Whether you’re ready to replace your garage door with the latest design or upgrade the opener on your existing one, contact R & S Erection of Concord

Installing Loading Dock Bumpers

If you have a loading dock, you probably have heard about loading dock bumpers.  When properly installed, they will protect your facility’s walls and foundation. They will also minimize damage to trailers. Loading dock bumpers will save you money and protect workers from injury. 

There is no “one size fits all” way to install loading dock bumpers. Loading dock bumpers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They also come in several different types of materials, such as laminate, rubber, or steel. To work effectively, they need to be customized to your facility’s needs. 

To figure out the right loading dock bumpers for your facility and your budget, there are several things to consider… 

What are the physical dimensions your facility?  Is your loading dock level with the ground or is there an incline or decline leading to the loading dock? How high or low is your loading dock? How much space is around your loading dock? Are there side walls or other surfaces you want to protect when loading or unloading trailers?   

What type of trailers do you service?  How many trailers do you service a year? Are they all the same size or are they many different sizes?        

What is your existing dock set up?  What loading dock equipment has already been installed? Do you have a dock leveler or dock seal? Are you planning to install any new equipment in the future?  

Are there places that trailers are more likely to hit?  Is there a wall that trailers often hit or get close to hitting? Are there any other parts of your facility you want to protect?

These are some of the things to think about when choosing loading dock bumpers. If you are looking to install loading dock bumpers or have any other questions about loading dock bumpers, contact us today. Our experienced technicians can provide you with the best options for your facility.  

Top Indicators That Your Garage Door Needs Repairing

If you are like many homeowners, then it is likely that you use your garage door more than you use your front door. This makes it critical that you are aware of your garage door’s condition, and that you have it repaired when necessary so that your garage door does not fail when you need it most (such as when you are trying to leave for work). Yet, how will you know if your garage door needs servicing? Here are just a few of the warning signs that can indicate that your garage door needs to be repaired.

Slow Response Times

A clear sign that something has gone wrong with one of your garage door components is if your garage door is acting slower than it used to. If you press the button and your garage door does not seem to want to open on the first try, or there is a delay before it starts opening, this can indicate problems with your garage door opener or clicker. There may also be cause for concern if your garage door moves slower than it used to within its tracks, as this could indicate mechanical problems that could cause your garage door to fail.

Your Garage Door Shakes or Moves Inconsistently

Your garage door is intended to open and close smoothly. If your garage door starts shaking while it is opening or closing, or if it seems to falter for a moment on its way up or down its tracks, then it is imperative that you have your garage door repaired right away. Broken parts are likely causing your garage door to struggle to function properly, and this could lead to a complete collapse, which can be disastrous.

One Side Moves Faster

If one side moves faster than the other when your garage door is opening or closing, this could indicate that one of your garage door’s springs has broken, and it is now relying on one spring to operate. You will want to have your garage door repaired before the other side breaks and your garage door stops working altogether.

Contact us to learn more about the signs which can indicate that your garage door is in need of repairs.

Choosing the Right Dock Leveler

Are you looking to make your loading dock safer and more efficient? Consider installing a dock leveler. A dock leveler is a metal platform located at the edge of your loading dock. By raising or lowering the platform, you can handle any height differences between a loading dock and a trailer. Dock levelers also allow forklifts and pallet jacks to be used in loading and unloading trailers. 

There are many types of dock levelers to choose from. When choosing a dock leveler, here are a few things to consider:   

What type of dock leveler do you need?  There are two types of levelers: pit levelers and edge of dock levelers. 

Pit levelers are built into your loading dock. As a result, pit levelers are more expensive than edge of dock levelers because part of the dock floor may have to be removed during installation. However, pit levelers can handle many different sizes of trailers. 

Edge of dock levelers are attached to the dock face. Edge of dock levelers are usually cheaper than pit levelers because installation is easier. However, an edge of dock leveler has less range of motion than a pit leveler.  As a result, they work best when servicing trailers with fewer height differences.    

Do you need a mechanical or hydraulic dock leveler?  Hydraulic dock levelers work automatically while mechanical ones require an employee to use a chain or other mechanism to activate it. Hydraulic levelers are a bit more expensive, but don’t require any physical effort to operate. In addition, mechanical dock levelers usually need more maintenance and repairs than hydraulic levelers.     

What type of loading equipment are you using?  Do you use forklifts or pallet jacks when loading or unloading trailers? Edge of dock levelers will put a bit more wear and tear on your loading equipment than pit levelers.

To help you decide which option best fits your budget, your facility, and your trailers, contact us today. Our experienced technicians will help choose the product that best fits your facility and needs.

Common Causes for Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs are one of the most common repairs we deal with. Maybe you too are dealing with a broken spring and are wondering what happened. If so, it could be due to one of these common reasons.

Normal Wear and Tear
Normal wear and tear accounts for the bulk of garage door spring problems. Torsion springs are designed to last for around 10,000 cycles. A cycle involves opening your door and then closing it again – something you probably do multiple times each day. If you come and go frequently or your garage door has some age on it, this is likely the reason.  

Improper Maintenance
As with any working part, your springs require frequent lubrication. Dry springs produce more friction each time your door is raised and lowered. Over time, this additional friction will cause your springs to wear out much faster than they would otherwise. It might also cause problems with how your door functions.

Your springs are already exposed to the elements, and are therefore susceptible to developing rust. Regular lubrication will help prevent rust, and will also keep any that has already formed from getting any worse. At a minimum, you should oil your springs at least twice a year. When doing so, remove any superficial rust with a wire brush.

Shoddy Installation
Some contractors take shortcuts during installation in order to save money. For example, they may install only one spring when they actually need to use two. They might also use a smaller spring than what is recommended for your door, or install poor quality parts.

At R&S Erection of Concord, we never take shortcuts. We use only the highest quality parts, and choose those that are recommended for your door’s size and type. Our highly-trained technicians will ensure your satisfaction during each and every service call. If you need garage door repairs or installation, please contact us.

Choosing the Proper Loading Dock Seal or Shelter

Does your business facility have a loading dock? If it does, a loading dock seal or loading dock shelter will save money, protect your products, and improve worker safety. If you are looking to install a loading dock seal or shelter, here are some things to consider:    

What are loading dock seals and loading dock shelters?
Loading dock seals are pads that are built around the entrance of a loading dock. When a trailer backs up into the loading dock, the loading dock seal will create an airtight seal between the trailer and the loading dock. 

A loading dock shelter is similar to a loading dock seal, but instead of using pads, it uses curtains that run along the side of the trailer.   

What are the benefits of a loading dock seal or shelter?
There are several benefits. First, a loading dock seal or shelter will reduce any loss of heat or cool air.  By reducing spaces between the trailer and your loading dock, your facility loses less heat or cool air.  Second, a loading dock seal or shelter will protect your workers from the elements. Either product will keep rain and wind from entering your facility, making it easier and safer to load or unload a trailer. Third, a loading dock seal or shelter will keep contaminants out. A properly installed seal or shelter will stop dust and vermin from entering your facility.   

What should you consider when installing a loading dock seal or shelter?   
There is no “one size fits all” solution for loading dock seals or shelters. Instead, it needs to be customized to fit your needs. There are several things to think about when buying a loading dock seal or shelter:

  1. The type of seal you need. Loading dock seals are usually more airtight than loading dock shelters. However, the size of trailers being serviced, physical dimensions of the facility, and brand/model of loading dock seal/shelter also play a role. 
  2. What types of trailers are using your loading dock? A loading dock seal will reduce the size of your loading dock and is only appropriate for certain size trailers. Loading dock shelters can be used for many different sized trailers.     
  3. What type of equipment is being used to load or unload your trailers? Forklifts and pallet jacks are more likely to damage loading dock seals than loading dock shelters. 
  4. How much space do you have around your loading dock? Loading dock seals take up less space than loading dock shelters.

While loading dock seals and shelters can protect your products and workers while keeping costs down, they work best when they are customized for your facility. If you are thinking about installing a loading dock seal or shelter, contact us today. We can help you choose the right product for your business and properly install it.

3 Reasons to Schedule Professional Garage Door Service

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional business owner, maintaining the safety and function of your garage door is critical. Scheduling an annual inspection by a professional garage door service company can save you both time and money. Before trying to tackle a garage door repair or service issue yourself, consider hiring a professional who can assist and advise you on how to maintain your garage door for peak performance.


A garage door or garage door opener in need of repair or service can pose a serious safety risk to members of your household or to employees at your business. These risks can cause serious injuries that can and should be avoided. A garage door professional can inspect your system and note any points of concern and address them proactively.


Garage doors offer an entry into your home or business. When the garage door and opener are in optimal condition and performing properly, your home and business are well-secured; however, even minor issues with your door or opener can create an easy opportunity for theft or vandalism. Regular inspection and service by a garage door professional who can make necessary repairs and advise you on potential security issues will give you the peace of mind you need as well meet the requirements of your homeowners or business insurance policy.


Garage doors roll up and down on rails that balance the weight of the door equally on both the left and right sides. This symmetry means that both sides of the rail system have the same parts that are the same age. When one part fails on one side, it is highly likely that the matching part on the other side is also close to failing. A professional garage door service inspection can identify and replace failing parts on both sides of the rail system at once, thus eliminating the time and cost of a second service call.

R&S Erection of Concord can help you take action before your garage door fails. Call us today to schedule a garage door service inspection. Our trained professionals will inspect your garage door and opener and advise you on how to keep your system in top condition.

Is an Automatic Gate System Right for You?

Whether you are considering an automatic gate system for your residence or business, hiring a reliable professional to install your gate system is important. R&S Erection of Concord is just that company. We will create a gate system that best suits your needs and will design in accordance to specific environmental conditions, safety concerns, and security requirements that are unique to each application. You can be assured that your new system will provide you years of reliable, low maintenance service.

Commercial Automatic Gate Systems

Commercial automatic gates systems are not only designed to provide controlled access but also designed to keep people from getting out.  For example, prisons have multi-level automatic gate systems for take-ins, visitors, and parolees. Gated communities often install automatic gate systems to control access and exit as well.

Most often, commercial automatic gate systems utilize heavy-duty magnetic locks with electric strikes. Access control can be managed in a variety of ways:

  • Security guards
  • Cards
  • Keypads
  • Proximity devices
  • Keys

Free Exit Systems

Free exit systems make exiting the premises user-friendly, such as those installed at storage facilities and underground parking. There are several types of automatic gate system designs to meet every conceivable application. While they offer free exit, the entrance can be controlled in a number of different ways.

  • By attendant
  • Magnetic Cards
  • Remote attendant
  • Keypads
  • Biometrics

The cost of these units will be determined by the type of access/exit strategies you wish to install. If you choose to install swing gates, you need to consider the cost-effectiveness. Businesses that benefit most from these types of free exit systems include subdivisions, residential communities (gated), and apartment complexes, as well as commercial and industrial entities. Costs will vary greatly based on the size gates you install as well as the number of cameras, telephone systems, or radio controls associated with the system. R&S Erection of Concord will help you design the most cost-effective automatic gate system that is right for you.

There are various types of free exit systems available, such as:

  • Swing arms
  • Swing gates– single swing & dual swing
  • Rolling gates – single slide and dual slide

Residential Automatic Gate Systems 

From driveway sensors to rolling gates to swing gates, the biggest factor in deciding what type of automatic gate system is right for you is your budget. Residential automatic gate systems can be controlled and monitored in various ways as well:

  • By keypad – each person gets their own unique code
  • Remotely via camera feed – grant access 
  • Remotely via cell phone monitoring
  • Biometrics 

Costs will also vary greatly based on the types and size gates you install, the type of monitoring, and accessibility, as well as the type of locking mechanisms.

Gate Operators

R&S Erection of Concord services many different types and brands of gate operators. Through years of service and installation, we know which operators provide years of reliable service and will recommend operators that are proven to be tough and reliable.

Questions You Should Ask

You will have many questions during the planning stages.  Below are some guidelines to help you ask the right ones: 

  • Clarify what features are included in monitoring your system
  • Clarify your accessibility requirements – both local and remote
  • Inquire as to the ongoing cost of maintenance
  • Question any add-ons on the proposal and determine if they are a necessary
  • Considering the speed at which technology changes,  be sure to inquire about the cost of software updates

Once R&S Erection of Concord has a thorough understanding of what your requirements are for an automatic gate system, they can start designing the perfect system for you. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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