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Is Garage Door Repair Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

If you’re planning on getting homeowners insurance, it’s always important to check the coverage. While garage doors may be covered in some instances, garage door repair isn’t always included.

How to Find Out if Garage Door Repair is Covered

Prior to filing an insurance claim, you should determine if your insurance policy includes garage door repair. In a majority of home insurance policies, you’ll benefit from garage door repair coverage, but the specifics will vary depending on the policy.

Generally, homeowners insurance will cover any damage that you or a family member has done to the garage door, but if a third party is responsible — such as a friend who accidentally drives into the garage — that individual’s auto insurance will cover the repairs or a full replacement.

Homeowners insurance should also cover repairs in the event of criminal damage in cases of theft and vandalism or fire damage.

One exception to coverage may be intentional damage to the door. In some cases, detached garage doors that aren’t part of the home may not benefit from coverage.

Filing Claims for Garage Door Damage

Filing a claim for a garage door can be simple or challenging, depending on your insurance policy.

Regardless, you will need to submit documentation related to the claim, which will vary depending on the circumstances around the claim. If your claim pertains to criminal damage including arson or vandalism, or if the damage is the result of accidentally crashing into the door, you’ll likely need to file a police report prior to filing an insurance claim. Other types of damage may require you to provide your insurer with receipts for repairs, or the company may send an adjuster to gauge the damage and repair costs.

If you need garage door repair or replacement, count on us as your trusted technician! Contact our team today.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Automatic Gate System

An automatic gate can be a great way to boost your home’s security and curb appeal. However, even the highest quality gate and opener has a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. While there are circumstances where an automatic gate can be repaired, there are others where it will be in your best interest to have an outdated gate replaced. Here are just a few signs indicating that your automatic gate may need replacing. 

Your Gate Won’t Work 

One of the clearest signs that it may be time to replace your automatic gate is if it will no longer open or close. If your gate has stopped working, you should first check to make sure that there are no obstructions preventing your gate from working. If there are no obstructions, then your motor, or the entire gate, may need to be replaced depending on the situation. If you have an older gate, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire system than to try to track down a motor that will work with your gate. 

Spare Parts Aren’t Available

Similarly, you may also want to consider replacing your entire gate if repairs with an older gate have become frequent, and if it is getting harder to find replacement parts for your gate. The older your gate is, the more costly it will become to track down spare parts when something goes wrong with your gate. At some point, you will need to consider if you would be better off replacing your gate, as a new gate would have parts that will be much easier to replace should you experience problems down the line. 

Your Gate Lacks Safety Features

If your automatic gate is particularly old, then it may not have the basic safety features that come standard on gates now, such as sensors that prevent a gate from closing onto a vehicle or person passing through the gate. If your gate does not have these basic safety features, it is critical that you have it replaced in order to protect you and your family.

Contact us to learn more about how you will know when it is time to replace your home’s automatic gate. 

What Does Garage Door Installation Include?

The products and services included in garage door installation vary from one contractor to the next, but they’re generally the same. You can expect the following when a professional installs your equipment:

A garage door isn’t easy to transport in most vehicles. Fortunately, an installer will deliver it for you. An extra fee could apply if you live far away from the warehouse where this product is stored.

In addition to the door, the contractor will install new brackets, tracks, cables, springs and other components. A professional will also take the time to fully test the mechanism before leaving.

If you have an old garage door, the installer will remove it from the tracks. Disposal may or may not cost extra depending on your location and this unit’s size or material.

Installation usually includes a guarantee that the equipment was set up properly. If you purchase this service from a reputable company, it will correct any mistakes made by the technician at no extra charge.

It depends on the specific model, but most new doors don’t include certain optional features. You’ll probably need to pay more if you want to add insulation, windows, insect screens or customization.

Installation normally doesn’t come with an automatic opener. However, you may already own this device. If so, the technician will disconnect the opener from your old door, attach it to the new unit and conduct testing.

Optional opener features like backup batteries usually necessitate additional fees. An electric opener often includes at least one portable remote control, but you’ll need to order any extra remotes separately.

If you’re in need of a sturdy, reliable new garage door, we can assist you. Our company offers well-made equipment and competitive pricing. Please contact our knowledgeable staff for an installation quote or further details.

When to Have your Garage Door Serviced

Garage doors are a very important piece of equipment but, like a lot of gear, they tend to deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. So, the question to ask is if your garage door is working as well as it did when you first purchased it. A garage door is a multi-functional piece of equipment that needs to be kept as functional as it possibly can be. Aside from the obvious functions of protecting your cars and belongings from being burglarized, it can also help keep your home safe from thieves. While this depends highly on where your garage is located, if it is directly adjacent to your house then having a working door will help in blocking a potential entry point which thieves can use to get into your home.

Servicing your garage door means repairing it by performing preventative maintenance to improve functionality. But the next question is how to know when it needs this because it isn’t always as easy as looking at the door and seeing that it needs repair work done. These are some signs that you need to look for.

Opening and Closing Problems

If there are times when you have trouble with opening and closing your garage door or if the door moves extremely slowly, then those are some signs that it has issues. If your door is not promptly responding to signals from its remote control, then you may have any one of several issues which can eventually lead to the door ceasing to work entirely. Fortunately, all the issues that can cause this are fixable if you catch them early enough. So, make sure you call for a professoinal if you notice any of these issues and there shouldn’t be any more problems.


This can be something as commonplace as rust on the door, chipped paint or worn tracks. While these problems may be cosmetic, there is no reason to risk it. Servicing the door will both improve the visuals and extend the durability of your garage door’s parts.

Even though your garage door may be in excellent shape today, it’s smart to schedule a maintenance tune-up at least once a year to make sure that no unexpected problems crop up.

But, if you need a garage door tune-up ASAP then contact us today to get started with servicing, professional repair services and more!

Signs That Your Automatic Entry Gate Needs Repairs

When you add an automatic gate to your property, you are helping to greatly boost your home’s security while still making it convenient to come and go as you please. However, while automatic gates are fairly low maintenance, they can start to break down over time due to wear and tear from constant use. You should then be aware of when your automatic gate may need servicing so that you can have it repaired before it stops working altogether. Here are a few of the signs that you can be on the lookout for indicating that your automatic entry gate may need repairs. 

Abnormal Operation
The best way to tell when there is something wrong with your automatic gate is to pay attention to how it is operating. Knowing how your gate normally moves can clue you in when something is wrong, as any usual movements such as your gate appearing to shudder or jump while it is opening/closing likely indicates a problem with its opening mechanism. There may also be one of a number of problems with your gate if it appears to be opening or closing slower than it used to. Any signs of unusual operation is a clear sign that you should have your gate inspected and repaired. 

Unusual Sounds
You should also pay attention to the noises that your gate makes when it is operating, as new and unusual sounds clearly indicate that something is wrong. The fact is that most modern gate openers are silent during operation. Thus, if your gate opener begins making a lot of noise, or if it begins making odd squealing or scraping noises, then your gate opener likely needs to be repaired. 

Worn Hinges
Of course, if you have a swinging automatic gate, certain grinding or squeaking noises could also indicate problems with your gate’s hinges. If your swinging gate starts making unusual sounds, you should first try to determine if the sounds are coming from the gate opener or from the gate itself. If it appears as though your gate’s hinges are showing signs of damage, then you will need to have your gate repaired before this damage prevents your gate from operating properly. 

Contact us to learn more about the additional signs that can indicate that your automatic gate may need repairs. 

4 Signs You Need a Garage Door Spring Repair or Replacement

If you are like most people, you probably have not put much thought into garage door maintenance. It is one of those home systems that is just expected to work. So, if you came across this article searching for signs you need garage door spring repair, then you are likely experiencing an issue – and you are not alone.

Garage doors are the hardest working system in your home. So, if you are opening and closing your garage door 4 to 5 times every day, without regular maintenance, it is reasonable to expect problems or even a sudden failure within 5 to 10 years. All that heavy lifting places a lot of wear and tear on parts. Moreover, a breaking spring is extremely dangerous.

First and foremost, if you are having issues with your garage door spring, do not attempt to replace it yourself. If done incorrectly, serious injury could occur. Below is a list to help you identify when to contact a professional for garage door spring repair or replacement.

  1. It Is Making Unusual Noises – If your garage door is grinding or making any unusual sounds when opening or closing, the spring needs to be inspected. A professional technician can diagnose the problem and provide recommendations. Typically, noises are a sign that the spring is becoming worn.
  2. The Garage Is 10 Years Old – Like all mechanical parts, a garage spring has a finite lifespan. As you approach 10,000 cycles up and down, with average use, then it will last up to 10 years. The more the garage door is used, the shorter the lifespan.
  3. Slow Movement – If your garage door includes a motor and it is no longer moving at normal speed, it may be the motor, but it is also possible that a worn or broken spring is making it difficult to lift. Repairing the issue quickly may save you from a burned-out motor.
  4. Track Slipping – Track slipping is another signal that a garage spring has reached the end of its life. You can test your springs strings by opening your garage door halfway. After letting go, the garage door should stay. If it slides, this is a sign of a weakened spring.

We’re here to service all of your garage door spring repair and replacement needs, so contact us today!

Why You Need an Automatic Gate System

Times are fast changing with almost all industry sectors embracing technology. Homes are among the units where the convenience of technology and automation is benefiting the users of various facilities. The gate, which is an essential security element in a home, is one of the installations whose automation gives you the “best-of” experience. Here is why you need to get one today.

Saves You Time

Following the traditional way, you would have a watchman who will open and close the gate when you get close. It means one has to stop on the driveway and wait for the person to respond. However, with the automated system, one can activate it to open while a few meters away, which means there will be no stopping over.


Installing the automatic gate system may seem like a costly project, although it is worth it in the long run. Our dealers also recognize the value you are adding to your home or business, and may offer discounts. Also, expenses — such as hiring a guard — associated with a manual system become unnecessary, especially for companies, and even for some residential homes. 

Enhanced Security 

Nothing feels good like having full control of who gets access to your property. That is what the automatic gate does for you. Individuals can also check the number of times the system opens per day, and thus detect any irregularity. Also, most of them will have an alarm system which activates whenever an anomaly gets detected. This notifies you of attempted access, which is useful, especially during the night.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

Selling your residential home may not be in your plans now, but things change. Having an automated gate means adding a lot to the value of the entire property.

Need an automatic gate system? Contact us online or give us a call today!

Signs That Point to Broken Garage Door Springs

Your garage door’s springs are a critical component to your garage door, as these springs are responsible for raising and lowering your garage door at a steady speed. However, these springs are also one of the most common components to fail on a garage door, as regular wear-and-tear can put stress on the springs as they age. This makes it important that you are aware of the signs which can indicate that your garage door springs have failed so that you can have them replaced before you encounter issues with your garage door that render it unusable. Here are just a few of these signs that you can be on the lookout for.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

One of the clearest signs that there is likely something wrong with your garage door’s springs is if your garage door will not open all the way. Since your door’s springs take on a vast majority of your garage door’s weight, if your springs are broken your garage door opener may not be able to handle the weight of your garage door, and your door may only open partway before going back down. In fact, many modern garage door openers have a safety feature built in that will cause the garage door to go back down if it notices that the weight is off when trying to open the garage door. 

Your Door Closes Too Fast

If your garage door opener does not have this safety built in, it still may be able to open your garage door all of the way, and it will appear as if your garage is functioning fairly normally at first even if your springs are broken. However, the excess weight of the garage door may prevent your opener from controlling the speed at which your garage door closes. Thusly, you should assume that something is wrong with one or more of your springs if your garage door closes much more forcefully than normal. 

You Hear a Loud Bang in Your Garage

Garage door springs can break suddenly even when your door isn’t being operated, and if you are home it is likely that you will hear them let loose. A lot of tension is built up in your garage door’s springs, and if they break suddenly, they will make a loud banging/snapping noise. Any unexplained loud noises coming from your garage likely indicate a failed garage door spring. 

These are just a few of the signs which can indicate that your garage door springs may need to be repaired or replaced. Contact us to learn more about how you will know if your garage door needs repairs.

When is the Best Time to Service Your Garage Door?

Is your garage door working as well as it did when it was new? If not, it may be time to service it. The garage door is a multi-functional structure in your home. Besides protecting your vehicles and belongings, it also keeps your home safe from theft. When the garage door is in excellent physical condition, it protects your home from burglary and associated property losses.

Servicing your garage door involves repairing and performing preventative maintenance to improve its functionality and appearance. But how do you know it’s time to call in the experts for garage door service? Here are the signs to look out for!

Problems Opening and Closing the Garage Door

Are there times when your garage door fails to open and close? Or when it does, it moves in slowly? If so, it’s time to service the door. Your garage door should immediately respond to the automatic or manual opener when you activate it. If it fails to move or does so in rather slow motion, it may be having the following issues:

  • Broken torsion or extension springs
  • Snapped cables
  • Misaligned tracks
  • Faulty motor
  • Stripped gear in the door opener

All these issues can eventually cause the garage door to fail. Broken springs are a safety hazard for overhead doors. Contact a specialist for garage door servicing and repairs to restore the functionality of the door. 

Unusual Noises During Operation

While the garage door is a mechanical structure, this does not mean that it should operate noisily. However, if it produces unusual squeaking, squealing, slapping, or humming noises while in operation, it’s time to service it. These noises can result from any of the following issues:

  • Loose nuts and bolts in the door
  • Lack of or inadequate lubrication on the moving parts
  • Bent tracks
  • Balance problems

If your garage door is waking everyone up at night when you arrive home, you need to service it.

Deteriorating Physical Appearance

Your garage door significantly impacts the curb appeal of your home. If it is worn with chipped paint, rusted metal parts, and worn tracks, it can decrease the appeal of your exterior space. Thus, servicing it can be an excellent way of restoring its appearance and that of your exterior space.

Conduct a visual inspection of the door parts. Do you notice any rust on the metal? Is the weather-stripping still intact? Is the paint chipping and exposing the metal to the elements? Servicing the door does more than improving its look — it also ensures the parts are working properly and extends their durability.

Service Your Garage Door Today!

Even though your garage door is in excellent condition, it’s appropriate to conduct preventative maintenance at least once a year. This not only extends the lifespan of the door but also saves you much in repairs. Do you need garage door service? Contact us today for servicing, professional repairs, and scheduled tune-ups.

8 Benefits of Replacing Garage Door Equipment

Garage doors often last around three decades, but automatic openers and various other components need replacement more often. There are many benefits to be gained from installing modern equipment:


1.) New parts will help your garage door function reliably and smoothly. After replacing old bent, rusted and worn components, you won’t have to struggle to open or shut it.

2.) A new track boosts the safety of a replacement door. Doors can fall or become stuck when people reuse old tracks. Cables may also snap and badly injure bystanders.


3.) If you replace a door, it will increase your garage’s resale value and make the building more attractive. You could switch to an appealing, up-to-date color or style.

4.) Replacement will eliminate any rotten wood or rusted metal before this decay spreads to other surfaces. Consider switching to a lighter material that requires less maintenance.

5.) If you want to shield your building from hot or cold temperatures, this project provides an excellent opportunity to add insulation. Choose a thick, sturdy unit that comes pre-insulated.


6.) A new opener may enhance safety. Older units are more likely to hurt people or damage belongings. Many older models lack sensors that cause them to reverse direction before striking obstacles.

7.) The latest openers improve security. It’s harder for criminals to gain access without permission, and you can integrate the equipment with a home security system.

8.)Many modern openers allow people to activate them with smartphones and/or vehicle-based controls. If you use these methods instead of separate remotes, you’ll have fewer devices and batteries to carry.

The bottom line is that new equipment enhances security, convenience, safety and dependability. If you’d like to benefit from the latest technology at competitive prices, please contact us today!

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