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Should You Install a Swinging or Sliding Driveway Gate?

A driveway gate represents a genuinely advantageous way to enhance your property. However, it’s vital to select a product carefully. The wrong type of equipment might look out of place or not work properly in your location. Be sure to compare the benefits of sliding and swinging gates:


You’ll need to maintain a slide gate more often. For instance, homeowners with this equipment must clean the track regularly. The barrier might get derailed or stuck if detritus accumulates on this surface. Swinging units don’t have as many complex components, so people needn’t perform frequent maintenance.


If you choose a swing model, you can plan on paying less for the gate and installation. It doesn’t need several of the parts that sliding units require, such as rollers. The setup process is also comparatively simple.

If you want to motorize the barrier with an automatic opener, you should compare the prices of this extra equipment before selecting a style. Motorization generally costs less when you have a driveway gate that swings.


You can only install a sliding gate if you have a wide, relatively flat surface with no obstructions. Swing units also need plenty of extra space behind or in front of them. A steep hill, tree, building or other obstacle may force you to choose a certain type of gate.


These two options have many things in common. Both can be operated manually or with motorization. They deter thieves, boost privacy and protect children. If you pick a unit with a suitable material, color and design, it will help beautify your property.

To sum it up, a swing gate costs less to buy and maintain but sliding units work much better in certain types of locations. An expert can help you identify the right option for your driveway. Please contact us for more details on this equipment.

The Ins and Outs of Automatic Gate Installation

Automatic gate installation can do so much for the security of your residential property. However, if you want your automatic gate installation process to go off without a hitch, you have to think a number of factors through in advance.

1. Security

According to Alarms.org, homes that don’t have a security system are more likely to be burglarized. Automatic gates are installed for their security features, so you should ask for detailed specifications from your gate supplier. If you are installing the gate for security reasons, keep in mind that the distance between the access control system and the front door has an impact on the purpose of the automatic gate.

2. Amount of Power

If you want to pick the correct automatic gate for your lifestyle, you should think in detail about the exact amount of power that it may use on a daily basis.

3. Kids

Parents who live in the company of curious and energetic youngsters need to keep safety in mind! If you want to feel confident in your automatic gate choice, then you need to invest in one that’s equipped with all of the finest and most effective safety components.

4. Upkeep Requirements

Don’t forget that you need to participate in automatic gate opener upkeep. You should think about maintenance work that you may need to manage in order to keep your automatic gate and its opener in tip-top condition.

5. Your Specific Budget

 It’s important to go with an automatic gate that’s suitable for your budget. You don’t want to invest in one that’s cheap and flimsy. A sturdy gate can give you peace of mind. It will also work in a more reliable manner.

Interested in learning more about our automatic gate options? Contact us today!  

Prepare to Sell Your Home by Having Your Garage Door Serviced

If you live in a house that does not have everything your family needs, you may decide that you want to sell the property and find a more suitable one. When you are determined to sell a house in excellent condition, you will want to check on some of the most important features. Garage door service is worthwhile to make sure this feature is ready for new owners.

Working Condition

While you may know that your garage door is working when you use it on a regular basis, you should feel confident that it will continue to operate properly while selling the home. A thorough inspection will determine whether there is anything that needs to be replaced or repaired.

Having any work that needs to be done before people start looking at the home is important because you do not want a broken garage door to be the thing that potential buyers remember!

Smooth Usage

In addition to working properly, you should also make sure the garage door runs smoothly. Ideally, you want every potential buyer to be able to open and close the door without any issues. This means eliminating strange sounds or stutters that may happen while opening or closing.

When you can open and close the garage door several dozen times without noticing anything out of the ordinary, you may feel confident about showing the garage door during property tours.

Visible Wear

While you will not be able to minimize or eliminate all signs of wear and tear on an older garage door, you can’t go wrong with at least trying. In some cases, your garage door may only need a paint touch-up in a few places.

Hiring professionals to service your garage door will help you look forward to listing your home for sale and getting tours from potential buyers. If you have a home in the San Francisco Bay Area and you need your garage door serviced, contact R&S Erection of Concord today! If you’re a homeowner in the Richmond, VA area, we recommend calling our trusted partners at A-1 Door Company for superior service.

How Track Guards Can Protect Your Loading Dock

Are you looking to protect the overhead door tracks in your loading dock facility from being damaged?  Track guards can help.  This equipment can prevent your loading dock’s overhead door tracks from being damaged, which will save you both time and money. Below is some helpful information on track guards: 

What are track guards?

Track guards are pieces of metal that are installed where your overhead door tracks meet the floor.  These items are bolted directly into the ground and are strong enough to withstand being hit by motorized loading dock equipment.  Track guards are installed so they don’t interfere with opening and closing your loading dock’s overhead door.  In addition, track guards are painted bright colors to help workers avoid hitting them in the first place. 

How do they protect doors?

A broken overhead door track can cause all sorts of problems.  If the door can’t open or close properly, you may not be able to use your loading dock.  If your loading dock doesn’t work, you may lose time and money.  In addition, even if the overhead door tracks aren’t broken, damaged tracks can lead to misaligned overhead doors.  Over time, misaligned doors will need to be repaired or replaced. 

Track guards protect your overhead door tracks from unnecessary damage.  Because track guards wrap around the bottom of loading dock door tracks, they keep forklifts, pallet jacks, and any other equipment from damaging the tracks.  Instead of hitting the track, they will hit the track guard.  The track will avoid being damaged. 

Track guards are a low-cost way of keeping your overhead door track from being damaged. 

Interested in installing track guards?  Contact us today!

If you are interested in installing track guards in your loading dock, contact us today!  We can show you the best options for your loading dock facility and have them installed

Why You Should Install Loading Dock Lights

Does your loading dock have dock lights?  If not, you should think about having them installed.  Dock lights provide many benefits and can save you money in the long run.  Here are several benefits of installing loading dock lights:

Creates a safer work environment inside your facility  

Even during the day, loading docks are dark areas.  Many loading docks have little access to natural light, and the regular overhead lights aren’t enough.  Strategically placing loading dock lights will light up the inside of the trailer and the loading area.  Lights will help keep workers from tripping over pallets or running into walls.  Lights will also allow your workers to doing their job quicker.  With the proper light, employees are focused on their jobs, instead of trying to avoid injury

Make the outside of your loading dock safer

While the majority of work in a loading dock is done inside, it is still important to add lights on the outside.  A properly lit exterior will help truck drivers when they are entering and leaving your facility.  In addition, it allows drivers to see any pedestrians outside of the loading dock.    

Avoid damage to equipment

Loading dock equipment is expensive.  From forklifts and pallet jacks to dock levelers, the items needed for a loading dock costs a ton of money.  If your loading dock isn’t properly lit, it’s easier for your employees to damage equipment.  The last thing you need is a forklift damaging the inside of a trailer because the operator couldn’t see where he or she was going. 

Have questions about loading dock lights? 

Interested in learning more about loading dock lights? Contact us today!  Every loading dock has different needs, and our expert technicians can come up with the best solution for your facility.  Save money and prevent worker injuries with the right lights. 

3 Awesome Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate System Around Your Property

The decision to install an automatic gate system around your property is a wise one. There are so many excellent benefits that come along with installing this type of gate and three of them will be discussed here. 

Added Level of Security 

When you install an automatic gate system around your property, you are adding an extra level of security that you didn’t have before. This is a great addition to a home security system and yard lights. No one will be able to enter your property unless they have the specific code for your gate system, thus preventing strangers or unwanted guests from being able to enter. This can also help to keep your children safe because they won’t be able to exit the gate system without you knowing about it. 

Makes Your Life Easier 

Another great reason to install an automatic gate system is to make your life easier. If you like the idea of having a fence and gate around your property, but you don’t like the idea of getting in and out of your car to open and close it, then an automatic gate is the perfect solution. This type of gate will open and close on its own, with the simple press of a button on either your smart phone app or keypad. This saves you time and energy, while still giving you all of the benefits that a gate has to offer. 

Increase Property Value

The decision to install an automatic gate system not only adds security to your home and makes your life easier, but it can also increase the property value of your home. An automatic gate is something that is highly valued amongst buyers and can increase the value of your home. This can help you feel confident in your decision to get an automatic gate system, should you ever decide to sell your home. 

To learn more about the benefits of installing an automatic gate system around your property, or to begin the process of installing your own automatic gate system today, contact us today.

Safety Equipment for Your Loading Dock

Safety is important for any loading dock. Injuries cost a company money and time. They also hurt worker morale and can keep employees out of work for weeks. As a result, installing the right safety equipment is necessary for any loading dock. Here are several types of equipment that can make your loading dock safer.

Dock lights

Dock lights are essential for any loading dock. Poor visibility outside your loading dock can cause accidents while a trailer is coming to or leaving your loading dock. You don’t want a trailer to hit your facility because of low visibility! Lights also help protect any pedestrians in the loading dock area. 

Lights are just as helpful inside of your loading dock.  Even on sunny days, many loading docks are still dark.  Without the right lighting, workers can get injured by tripping over hazards or by forklifts or pallet jacks. By installing lights on the inside and outside of your loading dock, you can reduce injuries.     

Pit levelers  

Pit levelers help loading and unloading trailers by creating a platform that connects the trailer directly to the loading dock. These smooth surfaces keep your employees from tripping while entering or exiting the trailer. They also make it safer to use forklifts and pallet jacks when loading or unloading a trailer. 

Dock seals and shelters

Dock seals and shelters are great safety tools because they protect workers who are loading or unloading a trailer. These items keep out rain, wind, and debris coming into the loading dock and keep employees from slipping on wet or uneven surfaces. 

These are some of the safety features that can be installed inside or outside of your loading dock.  Because every loading dock is different, each dock will need their own set of customized safety features.  If you have any questions about products that improve dock safety, or want to schedule a consultation, contact us today. 

Is Garage Door Repair Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

If you’re planning on getting homeowners insurance, it’s always important to check the coverage. While garage doors may be covered in some instances, garage door repair isn’t always included.

How to Find Out if Garage Door Repair is Covered

Prior to filing an insurance claim, you should determine if your insurance policy includes garage door repair. In a majority of home insurance policies, you’ll benefit from garage door repair coverage, but the specifics will vary depending on the policy.

Generally, homeowners insurance will cover any damage that you or a family member has done to the garage door, but if a third party is responsible — such as a friend who accidentally drives into the garage — that individual’s auto insurance will cover the repairs or a full replacement.

Homeowners insurance should also cover repairs in the event of criminal damage in cases of theft and vandalism or fire damage.

One exception to coverage may be intentional damage to the door. In some cases, detached garage doors that aren’t part of the home may not benefit from coverage.

Filing Claims for Garage Door Damage

Filing a claim for a garage door can be simple or challenging, depending on your insurance policy.

Regardless, you will need to submit documentation related to the claim, which will vary depending on the circumstances around the claim. If your claim pertains to criminal damage including arson or vandalism, or if the damage is the result of accidentally crashing into the door, you’ll likely need to file a police report prior to filing an insurance claim. Other types of damage may require you to provide your insurer with receipts for repairs, or the company may send an adjuster to gauge the damage and repair costs.

If you need garage door repair or replacement, count on us as your trusted technician! Contact our team today.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Automatic Gate System

An automatic gate can be a great way to boost your home’s security and curb appeal. However, even the highest quality gate and opener has a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. While there are circumstances where an automatic gate can be repaired, there are others where it will be in your best interest to have an outdated gate replaced. Here are just a few signs indicating that your automatic gate may need replacing. 

Your Gate Won’t Work 

One of the clearest signs that it may be time to replace your automatic gate is if it will no longer open or close. If your gate has stopped working, you should first check to make sure that there are no obstructions preventing your gate from working. If there are no obstructions, then your motor, or the entire gate, may need to be replaced depending on the situation. If you have an older gate, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire system than to try to track down a motor that will work with your gate. 

Spare Parts Aren’t Available

Similarly, you may also want to consider replacing your entire gate if repairs with an older gate have become frequent, and if it is getting harder to find replacement parts for your gate. The older your gate is, the more costly it will become to track down spare parts when something goes wrong with your gate. At some point, you will need to consider if you would be better off replacing your gate, as a new gate would have parts that will be much easier to replace should you experience problems down the line. 

Your Gate Lacks Safety Features

If your automatic gate is particularly old, then it may not have the basic safety features that come standard on gates now, such as sensors that prevent a gate from closing onto a vehicle or person passing through the gate. If your gate does not have these basic safety features, it is critical that you have it replaced in order to protect you and your family.

Contact us to learn more about how you will know when it is time to replace your home’s automatic gate. 

What Does Garage Door Installation Include?

The products and services included in garage door installation vary from one contractor to the next, but they’re generally the same. You can expect the following when a professional installs your equipment:

A garage door isn’t easy to transport in most vehicles. Fortunately, an installer will deliver it for you. An extra fee could apply if you live far away from the warehouse where this product is stored.

In addition to the door, the contractor will install new brackets, tracks, cables, springs and other components. A professional will also take the time to fully test the mechanism before leaving.

If you have an old garage door, the installer will remove it from the tracks. Disposal may or may not cost extra depending on your location and this unit’s size or material.

Installation usually includes a guarantee that the equipment was set up properly. If you purchase this service from a reputable company, it will correct any mistakes made by the technician at no extra charge.

It depends on the specific model, but most new doors don’t include certain optional features. You’ll probably need to pay more if you want to add insulation, windows, insect screens or customization.

Installation normally doesn’t come with an automatic opener. However, you may already own this device. If so, the technician will disconnect the opener from your old door, attach it to the new unit and conduct testing.

Optional opener features like backup batteries usually necessitate additional fees. An electric opener often includes at least one portable remote control, but you’ll need to order any extra remotes separately.

If you’re in need of a sturdy, reliable new garage door, we can assist you. Our company offers well-made equipment and competitive pricing. Please contact our knowledgeable staff for an installation quote or further details.

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