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Why You Should Install Loading Dock Lights

Does your loading dock have dock lights?  If not, you should think about having them installed.  Dock lights provide many benefits and can save you money in the long run.  Here are several benefits of installing loading dock lights:

Creates a safer work environment inside your facility  

Even during the day, loading docks are dark areas.  Many loading docks have little access to natural light, and the regular overhead lights aren’t enough.  Strategically placing loading dock lights will light up the inside of the trailer and the loading area.  Lights will help keep workers from tripping over pallets or running into walls.  Lights will also allow your workers to doing their job quicker.  With the proper light, employees are focused on their jobs, instead of trying to avoid injury

Make the outside of your loading dock safer

While the majority of work in a loading dock is done inside, it is still important to add lights on the outside.  A properly lit exterior will help truck drivers when they are entering and leaving your facility.  In addition, it allows drivers to see any pedestrians outside of the loading dock.    

Avoid damage to equipment

Loading dock equipment is expensive.  From forklifts and pallet jacks to dock levelers, the items needed for a loading dock costs a ton of money.  If your loading dock isn’t properly lit, it’s easier for your employees to damage equipment.  The last thing you need is a forklift damaging the inside of a trailer because the operator couldn’t see where he or she was going. 

Have questions about loading dock lights? 

Interested in learning more about loading dock lights? Contact us today!  Every loading dock has different needs, and our expert technicians can come up with the best solution for your facility.  Save money and prevent worker injuries with the right lights. 

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