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Is Garage Door Repair Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

If you’re planning on getting homeowners insurance, it’s always important to check the coverage. While garage doors may be covered in some instances, garage door repair isn’t always included.

How to Find Out if Garage Door Repair is Covered

Prior to filing an insurance claim, you should determine if your insurance policy includes garage door repair. In a majority of home insurance policies, you’ll benefit from garage door repair coverage, but the specifics will vary depending on the policy.

Generally, homeowners insurance will cover any damage that you or a family member has done to the garage door, but if a third party is responsible — such as a friend who accidentally drives into the garage — that individual’s auto insurance will cover the repairs or a full replacement.

Homeowners insurance should also cover repairs in the event of criminal damage in cases of theft and vandalism or fire damage.

One exception to coverage may be intentional damage to the door. In some cases, detached garage doors that aren’t part of the home may not benefit from coverage.

Filing Claims for Garage Door Damage

Filing a claim for a garage door can be simple or challenging, depending on your insurance policy.

Regardless, you will need to submit documentation related to the claim, which will vary depending on the circumstances around the claim. If your claim pertains to criminal damage including arson or vandalism, or if the damage is the result of accidentally crashing into the door, you’ll likely need to file a police report prior to filing an insurance claim. Other types of damage may require you to provide your insurer with receipts for repairs, or the company may send an adjuster to gauge the damage and repair costs.

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