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Coupons and Specials

Winter weather seal SPECIAL!
Winter is coming!

As the weather gets colder, pests like spiders, rodents and other crawly things will be looking for a drier and warmer place to stay.

Is your garage door properly sealed to help prevent pests from entering your garage? Can you see light coming in from around your garage door when the door is closed? If so, then it is not properly sealed.

Some of the problems we see:

  • Bottom weatherstrip is flattened, torn, or missing in places and not sealing properly.
  • Door is not adjusted properly, allowing gaps along the vertical sides, top and bottom.
  • Outside perimeter seal is worn, damaged or not installed.

Call R&S now to see how we can help to eliminate these pests!

$99 Tune-Up Special

  • Lubricate all hinges, bearings, springs, and opener rail
  •  Check and adjust spring tension to balance door properly (Improperly balanced doors can damage openers and is unsafe)
  •  Inspect and adjust tracks for proper alignment
  •  Inspect all hinges and tighten as needed
  •  Inspect lift cables for wear
  •  Inspect weather seals
  •  Inspect rollers for smooth operation
  •  Inspect and adjust safety pressure sensitivity of opener to make sure it reverses on contact
  •  Inspect and adjust infrared safety sensors for proper alignment and operation

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