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Should You Install a Swinging or Sliding Driveway Gate?

A driveway gate represents a genuinely advantageous way to enhance your property. However, it’s vital to select a product carefully. The wrong type of equipment might look out of place or not work properly in your location. Be sure to compare the benefits of sliding and swinging gates:


You’ll need to maintain a slide gate more often. For instance, homeowners with this equipment must clean the track regularly. The barrier might get derailed or stuck if detritus accumulates on this surface. Swinging units don’t have as many complex components, so people needn’t perform frequent maintenance.


If you choose a swing model, you can plan on paying less for the gate and installation. It doesn’t need several of the parts that sliding units require, such as rollers. The setup process is also comparatively simple.

If you want to motorize the barrier with an automatic opener, you should compare the prices of this extra equipment before selecting a style. Motorization generally costs less when you have a driveway gate that swings.


You can only install a sliding gate if you have a wide, relatively flat surface with no obstructions. Swing units also need plenty of extra space behind or in front of them. A steep hill, tree, building or other obstacle may force you to choose a certain type of gate.


These two options have many things in common. Both can be operated manually or with motorization. They deter thieves, boost privacy and protect children. If you pick a unit with a suitable material, color and design, it will help beautify your property.

To sum it up, a swing gate costs less to buy and maintain but sliding units work much better in certain types of locations. An expert can help you identify the right option for your driveway. Please contact us for more details on this equipment.

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