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Residential Garage Door Installation and Repairs in Lafayette, CA

Here at R&S, we’re pretty proud of how a small, family-owned business has grown and expanded to meet the needs of our Lafayette and surrounding Bay Area clients. You see, we got our start installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors back in 1963. However, our founding owner – Robert Smith – put tremendous emphasis on customer service.


That’s how a small, residential garage door company has grown to also provide commercial and personnel doors, fire doors, entry gates and access systems – and has even extended into the loading dock equipment arena.

In addition to design, installation and service calls, we also provide emergency services 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Is your garage door acting up? Have a gate that won’t open or close like it should? Don’t hesitate to contact R&S – whether we’ve installed the product or not – and one of our friendly and reliable technicians will be there to solve the problem in a snap. (925) 671-7606.

Otherwise, contact us online and we’ll schedule a consultation for a FREE onsite estimate. R&S looks forward to being of service.

Now, onto a description of our individual services.

Residential Garage Door Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

This where R&S got our start so we might as well begin at the beginning. A good deal of the conversation surrounding home design revolves around “curb appeal.” However, the residential garage door is rarely given the attention it deserves. Considering that the garage door is one of the largest surface areas visible on your home, it makes sense to make its design a priority.

Here at R&S, we offer several lines of high-quality garage door options. Even our most modestly-priced doors are well-built, well-installed and will provide years of reliable service.

  • The Cloplay Collection. Cloplay is considered “Americas Favorite Garage Doors” for a reason. Their doors are built using durable steel that is designed to present the appearance of painted hardwood. We offer the Value Series, Value Plus Series and the Premium Series. They offer one-layer, two-layer and three-layer construction, respectively – and all are available with short and long panel options as well as an attractive color pallet.
  • The Gallery Collection. For those who want to step it up a notch, The Gallery Collection is the next tier up in the Cloplay series, using the top-tier construction perks and adding a grooved-panel design, which makes the doors look even more like real hardwood. This collection is available in a wider range of color options and also offers an attractive selection of decorative window panels.
  • Canyon Ridge Collection. Next, we move into the more custom market, where solid wood is king and a carriage house door styles predominate. While the interior of the doors is made from durable, low-maintenance steel, the exterior panels are made from real wood, in a variety of species choices, so the door are indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Limited Edition Series. These upgraded garage doors are constructed with an energy-efficient, Intellicore® insulated steel base and finished with faux wood composite cladding and overlays. While they give the appearance of traditional, swing-out carriage doors, they open with automated upward motion.
  • Modern Steel Collection. Do you have a home in a more modern or contemporary subdivision? Then you’ll appreciate the minimal, streamlined designs available in our modern steel collection. They can be selected in grooved- or non-grooved options to complement your home design and the surrounding environment.
  • Carriage House Doors. Finally, we offer a range of garage door options from the Carriage House Door Company, one of the world’s leading, wood and steel garage door options. Doors and windows are insulated and designed to suit your garage, whether it houses your prized automobiles and toys or has been converted into a bonus room, man cave or hobby area.

Ready to design a new garage door for your home? Contact R&S and we’ll provide a free, on-site estimate. We are also happy to provide routine garage door maintenance, repair and parts replacements.

Have a door that’s causing trouble? We offer 24-hour emergency garage service every day of the year. Give us a call at (925) 671-7606 and our on-call technician will be out to save the day.

Commercial, Fire and Personnel Doors for Lafayette Businesses

Commercial doors run the gamut from service doors and personnel doors, to fire doors and service windows. R&S handles them all, from the functional to the aesthetic. Contact us to schedule a consultation for replacement, repair or installation of your:

Don’t see what you need here? Contact us anyway. If we don’t handle it, we’ll be happy to refer you to a local, Bay Area company who does. (925) 671-7606.

We also offer 24-hour emergency repair services for commercial customers, whether we were your door installer or not.

Automatic Gate and Secure Access Entry Systems

Your automatic gate system serves as both a welcome mat and a first-level of security for your home and business. It’s important that it blend with both your building’s architecture, as well as the surrounding environment – while still falling into compliance with your HOA guidelines or business park requirements.

Our gates are built from top-quality materials, ranging from steel and metal to wood and faux-wood options. Our gates are built to provide quiet, reliable and dependable service – day in and day out. Our access control systems can be as simply as a 4-digit key-pad entry or as complex as individual access codes for employees or remote buzz-in capabilities.

We also offer emergency gate service 365 days a year, anytime of the day or now. Even if we weren’t the original gate installers, we’ll make sure your issue is attended to and that you, guests or clients can enter and leave the property safely. (925) 671-7606.

Contact us to learn more.

Loading Dock Equipment, Maintenance & Repairs

In addition to residential and commercial door, gate and access systems, R&S also offers loading dock equipment, maintenance and repairs. We’ve partnered with Pioneer Dock Equipment, which means your loading docks will be equipped with the most durable and dependable components on the market.

Get in touch with R&S to learn more about our residential and commercial entrance and exit solutions. (925) 671-7606.

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