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Should You Install a Swinging or Sliding Driveway Gate?

A driveway gate represents a genuinely advantageous way to enhance your property. However, it’s vital to select a product carefully. The wrong type of equipment might look out of place or not work properly in your location. Be sure to compare the benefits of sliding and swinging gates:


You’ll need to maintain a slide gate more often. For instance, homeowners with this equipment must clean the track regularly. The barrier might get derailed or stuck if detritus accumulates on this surface. Swinging units don’t have as many complex components, so people needn’t perform frequent maintenance.


If you choose a swing model, you can plan on paying less for the gate and installation. It doesn’t need several of the parts that sliding units require, such as rollers. The setup process is also comparatively simple.

If you want to motorize the barrier with an automatic opener, you should compare the prices of this extra equipment before selecting a style. Motorization generally costs less when you have a driveway gate that swings.


You can only install a sliding gate if you have a wide, relatively flat surface with no obstructions. Swing units also need plenty of extra space behind or in front of them. A steep hill, tree, building or other obstacle may force you to choose a certain type of gate.


These two options have many things in common. Both can be operated manually or with motorization. They deter thieves, boost privacy and protect children. If you pick a unit with a suitable material, color and design, it will help beautify your property.

To sum it up, a swing gate costs less to buy and maintain but sliding units work much better in certain types of locations. An expert can help you identify the right option for your driveway. Please contact us for more details on this equipment.

The Ins and Outs of Automatic Gate Installation

Automatic gate installation can do so much for the security of your residential property. However, if you want your automatic gate installation process to go off without a hitch, you have to think a number of factors through in advance.

1. Security

According to Alarms.org, homes that don’t have a security system are more likely to be burglarized. Automatic gates are installed for their security features, so you should ask for detailed specifications from your gate supplier. If you are installing the gate for security reasons, keep in mind that the distance between the access control system and the front door has an impact on the purpose of the automatic gate.

2. Amount of Power

If you want to pick the correct automatic gate for your lifestyle, you should think in detail about the exact amount of power that it may use on a daily basis.

3. Kids

Parents who live in the company of curious and energetic youngsters need to keep safety in mind! If you want to feel confident in your automatic gate choice, then you need to invest in one that’s equipped with all of the finest and most effective safety components.

4. Upkeep Requirements

Don’t forget that you need to participate in automatic gate opener upkeep. You should think about maintenance work that you may need to manage in order to keep your automatic gate and its opener in tip-top condition.

5. Your Specific Budget

 It’s important to go with an automatic gate that’s suitable for your budget. You don’t want to invest in one that’s cheap and flimsy. A sturdy gate can give you peace of mind. It will also work in a more reliable manner.

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3 Awesome Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate System Around Your Property

The decision to install an automatic gate system around your property is a wise one. There are so many excellent benefits that come along with installing this type of gate and three of them will be discussed here. 

Added Level of Security 

When you install an automatic gate system around your property, you are adding an extra level of security that you didn’t have before. This is a great addition to a home security system and yard lights. No one will be able to enter your property unless they have the specific code for your gate system, thus preventing strangers or unwanted guests from being able to enter. This can also help to keep your children safe because they won’t be able to exit the gate system without you knowing about it. 

Makes Your Life Easier 

Another great reason to install an automatic gate system is to make your life easier. If you like the idea of having a fence and gate around your property, but you don’t like the idea of getting in and out of your car to open and close it, then an automatic gate is the perfect solution. This type of gate will open and close on its own, with the simple press of a button on either your smart phone app or keypad. This saves you time and energy, while still giving you all of the benefits that a gate has to offer. 

Increase Property Value

The decision to install an automatic gate system not only adds security to your home and makes your life easier, but it can also increase the property value of your home. An automatic gate is something that is highly valued amongst buyers and can increase the value of your home. This can help you feel confident in your decision to get an automatic gate system, should you ever decide to sell your home. 

To learn more about the benefits of installing an automatic gate system around your property, or to begin the process of installing your own automatic gate system today, contact us today.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Automatic Gate System

An automatic gate can be a great way to boost your home’s security and curb appeal. However, even the highest quality gate and opener has a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. While there are circumstances where an automatic gate can be repaired, there are others where it will be in your best interest to have an outdated gate replaced. Here are just a few signs indicating that your automatic gate may need replacing. 

Your Gate Won’t Work 

One of the clearest signs that it may be time to replace your automatic gate is if it will no longer open or close. If your gate has stopped working, you should first check to make sure that there are no obstructions preventing your gate from working. If there are no obstructions, then your motor, or the entire gate, may need to be replaced depending on the situation. If you have an older gate, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire system than to try to track down a motor that will work with your gate. 

Spare Parts Aren’t Available

Similarly, you may also want to consider replacing your entire gate if repairs with an older gate have become frequent, and if it is getting harder to find replacement parts for your gate. The older your gate is, the more costly it will become to track down spare parts when something goes wrong with your gate. At some point, you will need to consider if you would be better off replacing your gate, as a new gate would have parts that will be much easier to replace should you experience problems down the line. 

Your Gate Lacks Safety Features

If your automatic gate is particularly old, then it may not have the basic safety features that come standard on gates now, such as sensors that prevent a gate from closing onto a vehicle or person passing through the gate. If your gate does not have these basic safety features, it is critical that you have it replaced in order to protect you and your family.

Contact us to learn more about how you will know when it is time to replace your home’s automatic gate. 

Signs That Your Automatic Entry Gate Needs Repairs

When you add an automatic gate to your property, you are helping to greatly boost your home’s security while still making it convenient to come and go as you please. However, while automatic gates are fairly low maintenance, they can start to break down over time due to wear and tear from constant use. You should then be aware of when your automatic gate may need servicing so that you can have it repaired before it stops working altogether. Here are a few of the signs that you can be on the lookout for indicating that your automatic entry gate may need repairs. 

Abnormal Operation
The best way to tell when there is something wrong with your automatic gate is to pay attention to how it is operating. Knowing how your gate normally moves can clue you in when something is wrong, as any usual movements such as your gate appearing to shudder or jump while it is opening/closing likely indicates a problem with its opening mechanism. There may also be one of a number of problems with your gate if it appears to be opening or closing slower than it used to. Any signs of unusual operation is a clear sign that you should have your gate inspected and repaired. 

Unusual Sounds
You should also pay attention to the noises that your gate makes when it is operating, as new and unusual sounds clearly indicate that something is wrong. The fact is that most modern gate openers are silent during operation. Thus, if your gate opener begins making a lot of noise, or if it begins making odd squealing or scraping noises, then your gate opener likely needs to be repaired. 

Worn Hinges
Of course, if you have a swinging automatic gate, certain grinding or squeaking noises could also indicate problems with your gate’s hinges. If your swinging gate starts making unusual sounds, you should first try to determine if the sounds are coming from the gate opener or from the gate itself. If it appears as though your gate’s hinges are showing signs of damage, then you will need to have your gate repaired before this damage prevents your gate from operating properly. 

Contact us to learn more about the additional signs that can indicate that your automatic gate may need repairs. 

Why You Need an Automatic Gate System

Times are fast changing with almost all industry sectors embracing technology. Homes are among the units where the convenience of technology and automation is benefiting the users of various facilities. The gate, which is an essential security element in a home, is one of the installations whose automation gives you the “best-of” experience. Here is why you need to get one today.

Saves You Time

Following the traditional way, you would have a watchman who will open and close the gate when you get close. It means one has to stop on the driveway and wait for the person to respond. However, with the automated system, one can activate it to open while a few meters away, which means there will be no stopping over.


Installing the automatic gate system may seem like a costly project, although it is worth it in the long run. Our dealers also recognize the value you are adding to your home or business, and may offer discounts. Also, expenses — such as hiring a guard — associated with a manual system become unnecessary, especially for companies, and even for some residential homes. 

Enhanced Security 

Nothing feels good like having full control of who gets access to your property. That is what the automatic gate does for you. Individuals can also check the number of times the system opens per day, and thus detect any irregularity. Also, most of them will have an alarm system which activates whenever an anomaly gets detected. This notifies you of attempted access, which is useful, especially during the night.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

Selling your residential home may not be in your plans now, but things change. Having an automated gate means adding a lot to the value of the entire property.

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Is an Automatic Gate System Right for You?

Whether you are considering an automatic gate system for your residence or business, hiring a reliable professional to install your gate system is important. R&S Erection of Concord is just that company. We will create a gate system that best suits your needs and will design in accordance to specific environmental conditions, safety concerns, and security requirements that are unique to each application. You can be assured that your new system will provide you years of reliable, low maintenance service.

Commercial Automatic Gate Systems

Commercial automatic gates systems are not only designed to provide controlled access but also designed to keep people from getting out.  For example, prisons have multi-level automatic gate systems for take-ins, visitors, and parolees. Gated communities often install automatic gate systems to control access and exit as well.

Most often, commercial automatic gate systems utilize heavy-duty magnetic locks with electric strikes. Access control can be managed in a variety of ways:

  • Security guards
  • Cards
  • Keypads
  • Proximity devices
  • Keys

Free Exit Systems

Free exit systems make exiting the premises user-friendly, such as those installed at storage facilities and underground parking. There are several types of automatic gate system designs to meet every conceivable application. While they offer free exit, the entrance can be controlled in a number of different ways.

  • By attendant
  • Magnetic Cards
  • Remote attendant
  • Keypads
  • Biometrics

The cost of these units will be determined by the type of access/exit strategies you wish to install. If you choose to install swing gates, you need to consider the cost-effectiveness. Businesses that benefit most from these types of free exit systems include subdivisions, residential communities (gated), and apartment complexes, as well as commercial and industrial entities. Costs will vary greatly based on the size gates you install as well as the number of cameras, telephone systems, or radio controls associated with the system. R&S Erection of Concord will help you design the most cost-effective automatic gate system that is right for you.

There are various types of free exit systems available, such as:

  • Swing arms
  • Swing gates– single swing & dual swing
  • Rolling gates – single slide and dual slide

Residential Automatic Gate Systems 

From driveway sensors to rolling gates to swing gates, the biggest factor in deciding what type of automatic gate system is right for you is your budget. Residential automatic gate systems can be controlled and monitored in various ways as well:

  • By keypad – each person gets their own unique code
  • Remotely via camera feed – grant access 
  • Remotely via cell phone monitoring
  • Biometrics 

Costs will also vary greatly based on the types and size gates you install, the type of monitoring, and accessibility, as well as the type of locking mechanisms.

Gate Operators

R&S Erection of Concord services many different types and brands of gate operators. Through years of service and installation, we know which operators provide years of reliable service and will recommend operators that are proven to be tough and reliable.

Questions You Should Ask

You will have many questions during the planning stages.  Below are some guidelines to help you ask the right ones: 

  • Clarify what features are included in monitoring your system
  • Clarify your accessibility requirements – both local and remote
  • Inquire as to the ongoing cost of maintenance
  • Question any add-ons on the proposal and determine if they are a necessary
  • Considering the speed at which technology changes,  be sure to inquire about the cost of software updates

Once R&S Erection of Concord has a thorough understanding of what your requirements are for an automatic gate system, they can start designing the perfect system for you. Contact us today for a free estimate!

5 Important Benefits of Automatic Gate Systems

Keeping your home safe and secure is an important task. One of the best ways to secure your house is with an automatic gate. Here are five reasons to consider adding an automatic gate system to your home.


An automatic gate system will make your home much more secure. It discourages intruders and allows you to control who has access to your property. It also keeps your children and pets safe when they are outside. You won’t need to worry about your kids running into the street or strangers entering the yard. The safety and security that an automatic gate provides make it a worthwhile investment.

Add Curb Appeal

A driveway gate makes a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior. Automatic gate systems are available in a variety of materials. You can choose a gate in almost any style you like. You’re sure to find one that will complement the design of your home and make it stand out. In doing so, you’ll give your home an attractive new look and boost your property’s curb appeal.

Increase Property Value

A boost in curb appeal means a boost in home value, so installing an automatic gate will add value to your property. Many potential buyers will appreciate this feature, and it will be an attractive selling point if you ever decide to place your home on the market.


Besides restricting unauthorized access, an automatic gate increases your family’s privacy. The proper fencing will ensure that your neighbors cannot see into your yard or your home. The only people who will have access to your home are those you invite inside.


With an automatic gate system, you’ll never need to get out of your car in bad weather to open the gate. You also don’t need to worry if you forget to close the gate. You can operate the gate remotely with the touch of a button.

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Picking the Right Automatic Gate System for You


Are you in the market for an automatic gate system for your home or business? Oh, the places you’ll go. What seems like such a straightforward process can wind up being fairly confusing if you don’t reign in the selection process.

Ideally, the first automatic gate you choose should be the last automatic gate you choose. That’s because high-quality gates, built and installed by professionals, should last a lifetime. The more detailed you are in your current selection, the more likely you are to select a one-hit wonder that you are as happy with in 30 years as you are now.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Gate System

Here are some of the things you should consider when replacing an existing gate or building an automatic gate system for the first time.

Work with an experienced installer. It’s always best to go out and get two or three quotes for your automatic gate system. However, make sure you get those quotes from a licensed, insured and experienced garage door and gate installer. You can check business licenses with your local building department or state websites using the company’s license number. That number should be provided on their website, business cards or over the phone. When comparing bids, make sure you compare apples to apples so you don’t go with the lowest bid, only to find it wasn’t as comprehensive as the honest, middle-tier bid from a more experienced fabricator and installer.

What does your HOA have to say about it? When you buy a lot or a new home in a subdivision, you are well-versed on the HOAs. Over time, however, some HOAs can seem almost non-existent – – until you do something you aren’t supposed to. The first thing we do when working with residential or commercial clients is to verify whether or not they are beholden to an HOA. If so, learning the ins-and-outs of what is allowed, and what is not, is worth it. In many cases, your gate plans, colors, materials and so on will need to be approved by the HOA or their established improvements committee, so plan for that. Take the time to figure out what the rules and restrictions are now so you aren’t surprised later. Keep in mind that most installed gates will not fall under warranty if the only reason for replacement is an unhappy HOA. You’ll have to start from scratch, and wind up paying double. That’s no fun.

Choose materials for quality as well as aesthetics. There are plenty of pretty products out there on the market, but that doesn’t mean they are durable. Choosing less durable products will result in maintenance issues, more frequent repairs and – potentially – costly replacement costs down the road. Work with your installer to find an automatic gate system that works aesthetically with your architecture and the surrounding environment, and that will stand the test of time.

What level of security makes sense? It’s easy to think you need the highest level of security available, but that comes with a price and it isn’t always necessary. For almost all residential applications, we recommend a simple access entry system with a single pass code, or perhaps two (one for family, one for guests) and remote controls. The gate itself will help to keep children and pets safe from road traffic and will prevent the average lookie-loo or solicitor from approaching your front door. A simple 4-digit passcode combined with a security alarm is all that’s needed to ensure breaking-and-entering of any kind goes instantly reported to the police. However, if you prefer a higher-level of security, you run a home business or you prefer to know exactly who is entering when, you may opt for a higher-level system that provides individual codes for better security tracking.

Think about long-term maintenance requirements. It’s a good idea to have your automatic gate inspected and serviced every year to keep it running efficiently and to proactively repair or replace parts that look worn before they break down on you. One thing worth remembering: the more moveable parts there are, the more opportunities there are for maintenance issues. Consider what you are interested in when it comes to long-term maintenance responsibilities and choose a gate that fits that vision. It is also worth it to invest in the best-quality mechanical components on the market, which will increase gate efficiency and decrease the amount of time you spend dealing with malfunctions.

The more time you take now in selecting the right design, mechanical systems and access system for your property, the more you will enjoy a lifetime of lowered maintenance as well as reliable security and operation.

Schedule a consultation with R&S and we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of automatic gate selection – no upsells, false promises or hype. We want our customers to choose a gate that makes sense for them, and we make that happen at a competitive price.

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