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Why You Should Always Leave Broken Garage Door Spring Repair to the Pros

Broken garage door springs are a major issue for your door. They keep it from raising and lowering correctly. And worse, they can leave you locked out of your garage entirely. While they seem simple to repair or replace on your own, it’s always best to leave the job to the pros. Here are a few reasons why you should never DIY a broken spring repair.

They’re Wound Tight

Garage door springs are under a lot of pressure and broken ones are no exception. Even when they’re stretched out or broken, parts of them are still under tension. Unless you’re extremely familiar with removing them, you put yourself at risk of injury. Springs can snap or rebound back at you if they’re handled incorrectly. Pros know how to safely remove them and can make sure those broken springs won’t injure you or do damage to the door itself.

Broken Springs Can Be a Symptom of the Problem

Broken garage door springs are often a sign of other issues. And repairing or replacing them won’t keep your garage door working properly. You need to diagnose the cause of the problem to make sure that your new springs continue to work properly. An experienced professional will be able to assess the entire door system to find any potential issues. And once they find them, they’ll be able to fix them so you can use your door without worry.

There’s More Than One Type of Spring

Garage door springs perform the same taskā€”helping lift and support the weight of the door. But there’s more than one type on the market and choosing the wrong type can keep your door from working at all. Pros know what spring your door and your motor need to work properly. This means they’ll choose the right size, tension, and weight spring for your model every time.

If you’re worried about broken garage door springs, don’t try to handle the repairs yourself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let our experienced technicians handle the repair for you.

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