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Convert Your Garage Into a Craft Room


Forget about Man Caves and Hobby Shops. Maybe it’s time to clear out that garage and transform it into the perfect craft room. Perhaps you just retired and finally have the chance to spend time on the crafts and hobbies you love most. Or, maybe you’ve downsized or moved into a home that doesn’t accommodate an extra room or space for your creativity and crafting.

Convert Your Garage Into a Craft Room in 7 Steps

Whatever the case, a garage can be the perfect solution. You can turn your garage into a craft or hobby room in just 7 steps.

  1. Tackle the Dirty. If you’re reading this post, odds are your garage looks like a garage: dirt, cobwebs, mish-mash of stored goods, grease spots and all. If this is the case, tackling the dirty is definitely the first step. Clear everything out and give your garage a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Even if you’re a renter, it’s worth it to give the walls a fresh coat of white paint (or whatever the existing paint color may be) just to spruce it up that much more (you might even find some leftover paint from previous owners or renters).

    If your budget allows, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service for this task since they have the tools and tricks to get things spic-and-span in record time. Otherwise, a little hard work will do the trick. Make sure you wear a mask and adequate clothing to protect yourself from the copious amounts of dust, rodent droppings, pollens and other allergens and irritants that may have settled in the garage over the years.

  2. Remove the Grease Stains. Most garage floors have a grease spot of some kind, which will detract from the overall appeal of your new creative zone. Remove it as thoroughly as you can. Covering it up with a rug before removing the stain can cause old grease/oils to slowly wick up into the rug’s fibers. Once you’ve absorbed the greasiest elements using kitty litter or sawdust, pick up Griot’s Oil & Grease Cleaner This product works wonders when used as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and it’s safe for animals, plants and storm sewers. Other, similar products are available from your local hardware store, but please prioritize eco-friendly options. Once the area is clean and dry, you can cover any remaining stains with an indoor/outdoor rug of your choice.
  3. Replace the Garage Door. Unless your home is new, the garage door may be under-insulated for your needs. At first, this can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, space heaters and coolers use a tremendous amount of electricity, and this adds up quickly. Odds are that replacing your current garage door with one that is better-insulated will actually save you money in the long run. You’ll also appreciate the added bonus of insulation from exterior noise.
  4. Change the Color Scheme. If you aren’t renting (or if you have a lenient landlord), go ahead and change the color palette. Repaint the walls in a color of your choice, one that is soothing or inspiring – and that makes you feel like you’re in a custom designed space – rather than a garage conversion.
  5. Install storage racks. If you’re like most crafters, your garage-turned-craft-room will still be needed to store items that are typically housed in a garage. If your garage has rafters, the simple addition of plywood can create an attic-like space where holiday decorations, camping/outdoor gear and family/children’s mementos can be stored. Paint the exposed side of the plywood sheet white or a shade of your choosing for aesthetic appeal. Stainless steel wire racks are a smart choice as they are easy to keep clean and require zero maintenance. Then, attractive Tupperware containers or baskets can be used to store your craft supplies and tools.
  6. Use an Air Purifier. There’s a chance your garage is laden with decades of chemical, gas and grease odors. It might also feel or smell a bit “stale”. If this is a case, purchase a basic air purifier to help keep the space feeling fresh and clean. Fans can also help to keep air circulating. Plug-in air fresheners will help to create a fresher, “non-garage” smell.
  7. Install a Power Strip or Two. Odds are your garage is seriously lacking in the power outlet department. Power strips are a simple solution. Think about where you’ll be doing what in your new craft space. Then, notice where the outlets are. This will help you to establish how long cords need to be in order for you to work comfortably.

To finish your new craft room, keep on the lookout for garage sales and craigslist ads so you can find used tables, chairs and other furnishings to complete your new craft room in style.

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