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Choosing the Proper Loading Dock Seal or Shelter

Does your business facility have a loading dock? If it does, a loading dock seal or loading dock shelter will save money, protect your products, and improve worker safety. If you are looking to install a loading dock seal or shelter, here are some things to consider:    

What are loading dock seals and loading dock shelters?
Loading dock seals are pads that are built around the entrance of a loading dock. When a trailer backs up into the loading dock, the loading dock seal will create an airtight seal between the trailer and the loading dock. 

A loading dock shelter is similar to a loading dock seal, but instead of using pads, it uses curtains that run along the side of the trailer.   

What are the benefits of a loading dock seal or shelter?
There are several benefits. First, a loading dock seal or shelter will reduce any loss of heat or cool air.  By reducing spaces between the trailer and your loading dock, your facility loses less heat or cool air.  Second, a loading dock seal or shelter will protect your workers from the elements. Either product will keep rain and wind from entering your facility, making it easier and safer to load or unload a trailer. Third, a loading dock seal or shelter will keep contaminants out. A properly installed seal or shelter will stop dust and vermin from entering your facility.   

What should you consider when installing a loading dock seal or shelter?   
There is no “one size fits all” solution for loading dock seals or shelters. Instead, it needs to be customized to fit your needs. There are several things to think about when buying a loading dock seal or shelter:

  1. The type of seal you need. Loading dock seals are usually more airtight than loading dock shelters. However, the size of trailers being serviced, physical dimensions of the facility, and brand/model of loading dock seal/shelter also play a role. 
  2. What types of trailers are using your loading dock? A loading dock seal will reduce the size of your loading dock and is only appropriate for certain size trailers. Loading dock shelters can be used for many different sized trailers.     
  3. What type of equipment is being used to load or unload your trailers? Forklifts and pallet jacks are more likely to damage loading dock seals than loading dock shelters. 
  4. How much space do you have around your loading dock? Loading dock seals take up less space than loading dock shelters.

While loading dock seals and shelters can protect your products and workers while keeping costs down, they work best when they are customized for your facility. If you are thinking about installing a loading dock seal or shelter, contact us today. We can help you choose the right product for your business and properly install it.

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