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3 Signs You May be in Need of Garage Door Repair

For many people, their garage door is actually the most common way they enter and exit their home. If you use your garage door more than your front door, it is critical that you take proper care of your garage door so that it doesn’t break down on you when you need to leave your home. How will you know when your garage door is in need of servicing or repairs? Here are a few signs you can look out for that indicate you may need professional garage door service and repairs.

Your Garage Door is Running Slower Than Normal

If your garage door seems to take a long time to open or close, this could indicate a problem with the motor or electrical system. If you notice that it takes a long time for your garage door to start to open after you press the button, this could indicate an electrical issue, or it could simply indicate a problem with your transmitter. Either way, if your garage door doesn’t appear to be operating properly, you should have it inspected and repaired before you encounter further problems.

It Makes Strange Sounds

Another sign to be on the lookout for indicating problems with your garage door is if it suddenly starts making a great deal of noise when it’s operating. While garage doors are by no means quiet, they should not suddenly start making excessive amounts of noise, and they should not make any creaking, groaning, or straining noises. These sounds likely indicate a mechanical problem or a problem with your motor, and you will want to have it looked at before your garage door stops working altogether.  

It Does Not Sit Evenly on the Ground

It should also be a cause for concern if your garage door doesn’t sit evenly on the ground. This can mean that your garage door is slightly off the track which could put unnecessary strain on the motor. Regardless of the cause, you shouldn’t ignore a garage door that is not sitting properly as this can lead to mechanical or safety issues.

Contact us to learn more about the signs you can be on the lookout for indicating that your garage door may be in need of repair or replacement.

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